Broadband Speed Test

Broadband Speed Test

To run the Broadband Speed Test, click Start and wait for the progress bar to complete at 100%. Your download and upload speeds will be shown below. Our test isn’t the fastest, but that’s because it’s the most thorough.

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Are you getting the “high speed” part of your High Speed Internet plan? Internet Service Providers sell their customers plans in a tiered pricing model, providing higher speeds for higher monthly payments. Each of the plans promises a minimum upload and minimum download speed. While there are times that any ISP can have slow broadband speed, the throughout should meet or beat the minimum speeds the vast majority of the time.

But how would you know if you are getting the speed promised by your ISP, the speed that you have paid for? You have to test it, and the best way is to test it with our Internet Speed Test here at

We’ve paid highly skilled experts to create the most accurate broadband speed test on the web. It may not be a pretty as some, and it will likely take a bit longer to run, but it is the best, and you can be assured it will show you what your broadband speed really is, for both upload and download.

To run the Internet Speed Test, just press the Start button above. It takes just a minute, but don’t concern yourself if the percentage completed if the progress bar gets “stuck” a little longer at one number than another — it’s working hard uploading and downloading several different sized files between your computer and our ultra fast servers around the world.